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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

'Halal' Nail Polish?

During the time when I was in manicure business, I always dream of inventing a nail polish which allow Muslim wearer to perform "wudu" because I can see the huge market with Halal cosmetic. However, focusing on my role as single mother cum retailer, this idea was never placed as top priority - of course this invention never kick-off from me. Apart from being too busy, I do not have the know-how on how to go about finding an 'expert' or researcher to work on this dream. In short I didn't put in extra effort to realise my dream. Adding to this, I was worried that others might hijack my idea, therefore never willing to share! What a 'kiasu' person I was. Worst, I was at my comfort zone.

The recently certified 'wudu-friendly' 'H' Nail Polish produced by BCI Group really hit me. The feeling was just like a hard concrete falling on me, crushing me completely! 'H' Nail Polish got certified by Al Iman Islamic Society? Wow... if only I had taken action years back (REGRET). Guess, I've forgotten that I actually conceptualized an animation with the title "Creativity Starts from a Belief" urging the world to act on our belief, which I myself didn't. I knew that "wudu-friendly' nail polish will be the next game-changer in manicure industry, but I just didn't act on it.

However, this guy did. This invention, famously known as 'Halal Nail Polish', was first created by founder of Inglot Cosmetics Wojciech Inglot, a Polish chemist and entrepreneur who developed it as a healthier alternative to traditional nail polish.

This water permeable and breathable nail polish stands as one of the final life achievements of the founder as he died suddenly at the age of 57 in February 2013, suffering from internal haemorrhaging.
If only I had taken action back then. To all out there, please do act on it if you believe. I'll promise that I'll never have such regret again and hope you too.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Those Memorable Days

Today is just like another routine for me. Nothing special except that I suddenly thought of my all time favourite - creating beautiful nails; after a 3 1/2 years detachment from the manicure industry, even from posting in this blog. No doubt I am no more having my own manicure business, but I still maintain my beautiful nails every month; it just makes me happy looking at those nails.

Being in beauty business was just so time consuming. During those days, I hardly had time for my then adorable 7 years old son (he is 11 now) - he stays with me starting 3 yrs old till now. Everyday he has to stay inside my shop either playing with his toys or watching his favourite cartoon channels - I still remember his fav was Disney channel. All my clients love him and enjoy "toying" with him. 

Thank God that I actually made the toughest decision to detached myself from this service industry. Despite this, my passion to create beautiful nails never cease to exist. I still have clients calling me and telling me how much they miss those good days - chatting while having their manicure done. I would love to have an 'alumni' gathering with them one of these days. 

To pursue my passion for nails, I have decided to continue writing this blog. Here is my current french design on my nails, all time favourite for the beautiful brides.

Ok ... the photo above is taken from one of my old Mine was shorter. Tried to upload my current french nails but the upload was just too slow.  Will do it next time. Too sleepy now. Do keep track of my future updates for more nails related information. Cheers!