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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Men think manicure is Unnecessary

A friend of mine whom I have known for 3 years recently said he thinks manicures on women are unnecessary. Let's call him "Uncle", a man of old age.
Uncle always compare his nails with mine and argues that his nails definitely look neat and tidy whereas mine is too messy (he always say this when I have nail arts). Whenever I have a new manicure, he always give me the look as though as I've spent thousand of dollars to do a set. Maybe he has never try getting a manicure done before.
Aren't many male top executives have manicure at least semi-regularly. Manicures are a pleasant luxury that could be a necessity. My ex-boss always have his manicure during his weekly haircut and definitely considered it important for the care and maintenance of his executive aura. I've seen many dignitaries having their manicure done almost twice a month; some done together with their spouse. Perhaps coming up through the grimy ranks had something to do with this.
Self-maintenance with clippers often results in a rough look, and most men are not in touch with their inner emery boards. The occasional pro manicure will give you nice, even nails that can be easily maintained with a nail brush, soap and water. Most manicurist would suggests a buff instead of polish for men. However if you still want to maintain your nails at home, this video will be of much help.
Well, I've been getting my manicure done for almost 10 years and mostly with nail designs. Out of the many manicure that I've tried, French manicure is the "safest" will all men. I will never be short of praises by MEN if I've French nails on me. Maybe I should start by asking Uncle to have French manicure on him? LOL ... guess he will run away every time he sees me.

Long lasting Gel Manicure increases Cancer Risk

Nowadays, many women opt to have gel manicure to make sure that their money spent on manicure treatment is worth every cent to maintain the long-lasting colour on their nails (normally gel colour will not chipped if it is applied properly).

However a study in 2009 found two middle-aged women developed tumours on their hands following exposure to UV nail lights. Neither had a family history of skin cancer and both worked indoors and had moderate exposure to sunlight, according to the research published in JAMA Dermatology. It is more debated nowadays that frequent gel manicure can increase the skin cancer risk. Many consumers are not aware of the UV exposure they are getting from the UV light machine for curing gel colour as most machines used in nail salon do not specify the quantum of UV ray exposed.

This gel manicure was done 1 year ago by Adeline Nails
Another side-effect of UV light exposure is skin aging, meaning you could end up with gorgeous nails but wrinkle hands. Other than this, long-lasting manicure unlike short term make-up on face could also hide possible nail problems as we are not seeing what's going on underneath the nail polish.
These are some suggestion by Dr. Chris Adigun, an assistant professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine in New York City should you really need to get your gel manicure
  • Pay attention to your nails and allow them to regrow and repair. Consider getting gel manicures only occasionally to decrease the risk of problems.
  • When getting gel manicures, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your hands to minimize damage caused by exposure to UV light during the curing process.
  • Tell the manicurist not to push or manipulate the cuticle because that will increase the risk of inflammation and infection and also dry out the nail.
  • Use traditional nail polish instead of gel nail polish if you have recurring nail problems, or if you have an allergy to acetone, which is used to remove gel manicures.
  • Rehydrate your nails several times a day with a moisturizing product, such as petroleum jelly, to combat brittleness, thinning and chipping.
  • When removing gel nail polish, do not chip it with other nails or tools.
  • Soak only the nails, not the whole hand or fingers, in acetone while nail polish is being removed. This will help prevent skin irritation. If you get gel manicures frequently, consider buying finger wraps that expose only the nails and protect surrounding skin.
  • If you notice any unusual changes to the nails, see a dermatologist.
The gorgeous me on the left with heavy
make-up in 2008 OR...
.... the simple HAPPY me in 2013
Regardless of possible negative effect of gel manicure, being pretty is still one of the most important thing in a woman's life. Women around the world still apply make-up even though they knew it is harmful to their skin, they still starve themselves to become slimmer even though they knew this will deprive them of vital nutrients, ..... the list will go on in order to achieve the beautiful them. I started to be "moderate" and live a "balance" life since 2009, and good things started to greet me one by one. We are all beautiful in our own way. Try to appreciate ourselves before deciding on what is next to enhance our beauty. Despite this, I STILL HAVE MY MANICURE done monthly!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Origin of French Nails - Paris or States

The French manicure has been the go-to style for many women looking for classy, neutral nail. The white-tipped look with a pink or nude overlay seems to be an everlasting trend, with women still constantly requesting it in salons.

But have you ever ask yourself whether French manicure originated from France? I believe many would undisputedly think that its origin is France since French women were often viewed with simplistic and chic style. Well, WWD decided to blow our minds.
As the history goes, the two-tone mani was said to be a piece of Tinseltown history. As WWD reports, in the '70s, Jeff Pink, the creator of Orly created this white tip in response to the requirement of film industry for actresses to match variety of outfits to suit their role in film. This little nail art trick was applied to the runways of France and that's when this trend really gained notoriety in the states.
Still, the origins of this particular manicure are difficult to trace, but manicures in general have been around for thousands of years. The term comes from the Latin words "manus" and "cura" – meaning "hand" and "care."

Some claim that it was created in France – Paris, to be exact – for the fashion lovers of the '30s. while others speculated that the word French was later added in the states after the '70s. What about you?

Over the years, French manicure has evolved and many has creatively applied the concept and add various nail arts to add sparks to modern wedding nails.
I have been regularly getting my manicure done at Adeline Nail Square in Puchong (Selangor, Malaysia). This round, we have creatively designed this set of nail art on my nails and it is definitely the only 1 in the world.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Gel Manicure is different from Acrylics Nail Extension

Gel manicures is new type of manicure in Malaysia. Basically this type of technology just arrived here 5 years ago. It uses a special type of polish that bonds quickly to the nail and dries in seconds when placed under a UV lamp. If applied correctly it can last for up to three weeks. However need to carefully select only the professional UV lamp that can provide optimum curing/drying.

Gel manicures is very different from acrylic nails whereby the former was simply a method to ensure long-lasting nail polish and does not enable nail extension. Almost every step of a gel manicure is the same as a regular manicure except the nails are cured under an ultraviolet light for a minute or two.

This UV light exposure is not significant enough to be harmful to skin. However there is no research showing its impact in the long run. The only real downside of gel manicures is cumbersome process in removing the polish. Nails are either soaked in an acetone-based nail polish remover for 10 minutes or each nail is tightly wrapped with a small piece of cotton soaked in an acetone-based polish remover covered with a small piece of aluminium foil for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the excess polish is so stubborn it actually needs to be filed off - if it is not done properly, it may cause damage to the nail plate.

Therefore, even though there are DIY gel manicure kits available in the market, we wouldn't encourage consumer to start it doing it yourself. Having gel manicure done professionally for a few times to see how it is done is the best way to go, and then, if you love the results and you can try it at home. This will save money in the long run, and the savings can be significant.

Finding the best wedding nails is SIMPLE.

Women have been telling me it is always a headache when it comes to choosing their wedding nails. Hmmn.... where does the headache come from? Apparently there are too many choices available in Malaysia and this really bring headache to brides-to-be when it comes to decision-making.
Wedding nails, either simple or full of nail arts is a personal choice. Some brides consider nails as playing a supporting role when it comes to wedding whereas some treat it as prime importance. Regardless of which wedding nails you choose, just make sure it compliment your wedding and most importantly it makes you happy. You wouldn't want your nails to grab more attention than your wedding right?
I've found some very gorgeous wedding nails online and would like to share with you. You can view in detail these images at

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Truth about Acrylics Nails

Acrylic nails is one of the instant fix to extend your nails It offers many benefits over natural nails. They are extremely durable and allow you to choose your ideal nail length - maintaining the same length on all fingers. Additionally, acrylic nails bond very strongly with nail polish which makes your nail colour last for weeks in perfect condition.

This set of nails were applied on a Beauty Magazine Editor who has super short nails. It takes around 2 hours to extend the nails including creating 3D floral art on it.
However, compared to natural nails, acrylic nails have almost zero elasticity which makes it vulnerable when hit on something hard. It can be extremely painful if acrylic nails are broken caused by hard impact leading to the sensation of nails pulled from your nail bed. Ouch ....

As acrylics nails grew, it needs to be filled and trimmed. This normally happen on the 3rd or 4th week. Additionally, the acrylic will, over time, lift away from the natural nail, creating a welcome environment for bacteria and fungus which may cause further treatment using fungus fix solution. As a result, acrylic nails require regular maintenance and it can be a costly recurring expense, but you can prolong the life of your acrylic nails between salon fills via some measures.

Talk to your nail technician about your daily activities so that she can help you select the best style and length for your nails. Bumping them during activities, washing own hair too frequently, soaking with detergent while doing cleaning, heavy lifting during household chores and continually tapping keys on a keyboard can resulted in early lifting.

Therefore, prior to doing chores, it will be best to wear a glove to prevent chemical inside the detergent from drying up your nails. Never pick on the edges of your nails as it may deteriorate any lifting of nails. Also, it would be good to always apply cuticle oil - at the cuticle and under the free edge every night to keep acrylics and natural nails hydrated. However some nail technicians argue that applying too much cuticle oil may cause earlier lifting. Nothing on this was proven yet.

In short, my advice to those who wanted to have acrylic nails, please do remember to take extra care and make sure you are well-prepared for the financial implications it will cause.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to make your fingers to look slimmer?

I've always come across friends who complain that their fingers are "fat". One of the trick to making your fingers look slimmer is to make your nails longer giving an illusion of longer fingers. However the growing process may take a long time and for some, their nails are so vulnerable that they will never reach the desired length at the same time for all 10 nails.
Colours can make wonder for this purpose. Try to use nail polish colours that are very similar to your natural skin tone. By blurring the line between your nails and finger, it produce an optic illusion that your fingers are longer. Other options are pastel pink and beige undertone or simply use a clear polish. A rounded fingernail with clear polish will give you the longest nail look.
A French manicure gives the look of all-natural colour, but add an even and seamless white line on all nails. This makes your nails appear healthier and longer. However, be sure to keep the white portion at reasonable thickness making it as natural as possible.
Another way is to camouflage the area that you do not like. Patterns on your nails are effective to visually slenderize your fingers. Try to use strips from the nail bed to the tip with any colour combination but it is super effective with strips in nude colour combo.

Monday, October 27, 2014

'Halal' Nail Polish?

When I was in manicure & spa business, I always dream of inventing a nail polish which allow Muslim wearer to perform "wudu" as I can see the huge market with Halal cosmetic. However, focusing on my role as a single mother cum businesswoman, this idea was never placed as top priority - of course this invention never kick-off from me. Apart from being too busy, I do not have the know-how on how to go about finding an 'expert' or researcher to work on this dream. In short I didn't put in extra effort to realise my dream. Adding to this, I was worried that others might hijack my idea, therefore never willing to share! What a 'kiasu' person I was. Worst, I was at my comfort zone back then.

The recently certified 'wudu-friendly' 'H' Nail Polish produced by BCI Group really hit me. The feeling was just like a hard concrete falling on me, crushing me completely! 'H' Nail Polish got certified by Al Iman Islamic Society? Wow... if only I had taken action back then (REGRET). Guess, I've forgotten that I actually conceptualized an animation with the title "Creativity Starts from a Belief" - urging the world to act on our belief, which I myself didn't. I knew that "wudu-friendly' nail polish will be the next game-changer in manicure industry, but I just didn't act on it.

However, this guy did. This invention, famously known as 'Halal Nail Polish', was first created by founder of Inglot Cosmetics Wojciech Inglot, a Polish chemist and entrepreneur who developed it as a healthier alternative to traditional nail polish.

Inglot - The 1st brand to develop breathable nail polish.

This water permeable and breathable nail polish stands as one of the final life achievements of the founder as he died suddenly at the age of 57 in February 2013, suffering from internal haemorrhaging.

If only I had taken action back then. To all out there, please do act on it if you believe. I'll promise that I'll never have such regret again and hope you too will not.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Those Memorable Days

Today is just like another routine for me. Nothing special except that I suddenly thought of my all time favourite - creating beautiful nails; after a 3 1/2 years detachment from the manicure industry, even from posting in this blog. No doubt I am no more having my own manicure business, but I still maintain my beautiful nails every month; it just makes me happy looking at those nails.

Being in beauty business was just so time consuming. During those days, I hardly had time for my then adorable 7 years old son (he is 11 now) - he stays with me starting 3 yrs old till now. Everyday he has to stay inside my shop either playing with his toys or watching his favourite cartoon channels - I still remember his fav was Disney channel. All my clients love him and enjoy "toying" with him. 

Thank God that I actually made the toughest decision to detached myself from this service industry. Despite this, my passion to create beautiful nails never cease to exist. I still have clients calling me and telling me how much they miss those good days - chatting while having their manicure done. I would love to have an 'alumni' gathering with them one of these days. 

To pursue my passion for nails, I have decided to continue writing this blog. Here is my current french design on my nails, all time favourite for the beautiful brides.

Ok ... the photo above is taken from one of my old Mine was shorter. Tried to upload my current french nails but the upload was just too slow.  Will do it next time. Too sleepy now. Do keep track of my future updates for more nails related information. Cheers!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The History of Manicure & Pedicure

After continuous hard work during weekdays, it is very relaxing when you are at a salon getting a manicure and pedicure treat. Nails Technicians have the right tools and skills to make your nails look gorgeous, often tailored to your high expectations. But where does this skill come from?
Manicure has a history of 5,000 years; first introduced in India when henna was used as nail polish. Later its popularity reached China where Cixi, the Empress Dowager wore her famously known beautiful and extremely long artificial fix-on nails. Nails have become a fashion for women around the world in the 50's. During the 20th and while marching into the 21st century, acrylics and UV gel nails become the famous "fashion nails" with more variety of designs starting from Japan.

Hi Ivy, thanks for giving me a chance to do this set of WEDDING NAILS that i've never done before.

More and more brides-to-be started to have the culture of "must-have" pretty nails during their weddings. The most famous manicure for a wedding is non-other than a "French Manicure" - pink nail with white tip. French manicure began in 1975 when film directors wanted actresses to complement each wardrobe change. The creator Jeff Pink, and also founder of a nail lacquer company namely Orly named it "French Manicure" which also indicate "tidiness"
Manicure and pedicure are stress-relief therapy that provide relaxation and can create "feel-good" feeling in the recipient. Talk to a manicure lover and you will definitely understand what I meant here.